Three Pavilions

Although simple at first glance, the design of Three Pavilions is subtly complex.  In order to address the fact that the average American home devotes over half of its energy to heating and cooling, the driving concept behind Three Pavilions was to create separate and distinct zones that could be heated and cooled independently from one another.  The logic behind this is that each zone could be regulated more efficiently according to usage trends, rather than providing heating or cooling to an entire dwelling when only a fraction of the space was occupied.  This concept lead to the development of three pavilion zones:  a living pavilion, a sleeping pavilion and a working pavilion.  Not only does the familiar look of a gable roof provide a sense of comfort and inclusion with nearby neighbors, but provides a perfect surface for channeling rainwater and collecting solar energy while creating a lofted interior space without added square footage.  The result of all the careful planning and subtle details is a sweeping, open feel within each pavilion that extends beyond the living spaces through the operable glazed walls and into the outdoor spaces beyond.  Keeping in mind the needs of an older, ‘empty nest’ couple, the home provides ADA accessibility for those who require extra flexibility.

Brinn was one of 18 designers awarded an honorable mention out of the 400+ entrants.

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