The Axis

Axis: an imaginary line in a given formal structure, about which a form, area, or plane is organized; a principal line of development, movement, direction, etc. The Axis was conceived as a 1600 square foot lakeside retreat which draws the user into the house and beyond to the lake.  The Axis’ design consists of a double height entry gallery that divides the home’s private and public spaces.  The double height gallery volume is clad in reclaimed wood on the outside, while the volume’s interior is finished with a matching wood floor.  This floor carries through the gallery from front to back, and out to the pier, creating a seamless transition between interior and exterior spaces.  The owner takes in the focused view from the moment they step inside and are instantly connected with the site.  The remaining volumes of the house are suggested as a stucco application; an attractive, long-lasting and efficient siding material for warm climates.  A vegetable garden just below the operable kitchen windows is adjacent to a wide breezeway for pull-through access.  The interior consists of two bedrooms, a double height living and dining area, and a reading loft that opens to a roof deck (optional).  Outdoor living is embraced with exterior access from every room.

Brinn was selected as a finalist for this competition and was ranked in the top 5% of all entrants (380+).

Comments From The Judges:

“Well proportioned floor plan with appropriate allotments of space to living room and kitchen areas.”

“Brinn does a great job of bringing the house to life!”

“Smart effective material choices”

Renderings by Jerry Chen.

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