Theatre for Las Vegas

Our current age of information and technology limits our interaction with other humans and constructs a false reality in which we encounter others.  The lack of human interaction diminishes our perception of meaning within experiences and predisposes us to confusion when faced with deciphering what is real and what is not.

In the city of Las Vegas, false realities are rampant; buildings are copies of famous works of architecture and facades mask what is behind their colorful walls.  Secondly, the theater arts are typically steeped in falsehood which is presented to patrons as a form of reality in the form of show.  The varying degrees of real and fake make Las Vegas an ideal setting for a theater that addresses these inconsistencies and contradictions.

The theater design juxtaposes and comments on these false realities by providing an inevitably engaging building.  The main stage is open to the theaters audience within the building on one side, and on the other, it is separated from onlookers on Fremont Street by a wall of glass.  The buildings lobby is constructed of translucent concrete which allows light in and out, producing unexpected shadowy movement behind what appears to be solid concrete.  The materiality forces interaction that might have otherwise been lost and causes both patron and passerby to question, what is real?.  Architecture in Las Vegas can finally provide a glimpse of reality and cultivate meaning through these questions and interactions.

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