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When most people think of ranch-style, single-level homes, a few things come to mind: the MidWest, and retirement communities. While both of these ideas are valid, and in fact true, there are other advantages to stair-free homes beyond avoiding tornadoes and the constant danger of hip replacements from falling.

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Yes, you [...]

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The Year of Goals

On January 5, 2013 By

With 2012 in the rear view mirror and 2013 in full swing, it seems an appropriate time to discuss goals. I’ve never been one for ‘new year’s resolutions’, in part because they are so often associated with dieting or exercise habits and in part because I feel that I already have more than [...]

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An interview questionnaire once asked, “How do you define success?”. My answer defined success as the number of times we fail but get back up again. Since that time, the question has long been in the back of my mind – what is success, really? Recently, the question came up in an unexpected [...]

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What does it take to be called an architect? In most cases, it involves ~6years of school, 3-5 years of professional experience and passing 7 exams. There are a few different ways of earning the legal title of architect, but in general, it involves a lot of numbers. Keeping track of how many [...]

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The Sidewalk Saga

On July 22, 2012 By

Let me tell you a little tale about a sidewalk in Houston. This is a sidewalk story familiar to most, but to be fair, this story all began with a strip of grass. This lone strip of grass, wedged between a street and a parking lot, often filled with cars. Why, you ask? Well, the [...]

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Digital vs Analog

On June 17, 2012 By

Recently, I purchased an iPad with the intention of replacing my sketchbook and paper. I wanted to use a tablet as a way to digitally record my sketches and drawings that would streamline my process. After testing the iPad with both the Wacom Bamboo stylus and the Adonit Jot Flip stylus, I decided [...]

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Product Runway 2012

On May 12, 2012 By

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This year’s Product Runway 2012 event was bigger and better than the 2011 show. As this annual charity event gains popularity and notoriety, the stakes are set higher and the teams go all out with their [...]

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Somehow I blinked in January or February and I ended up in May. When I realized that we’re almost half-way through 2012 (I’ll pause for gasps)…I was given another shock: Architangent’s one year anniversary is May 13! While a version of this website existed before May 13, 2011, it was nothing like its current state. [...]

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The Power of Design

On March 25, 2012 By

Design. It surrounds us every day, from the technology we take for granted to the inspiring architecture we seek out on voyages around the world. Design is discussed passionately as a catalyst to change the world; a powerful tool with which to enhance the lives of many. People young and old, rich and [...]

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For those wondering if I fell off the face of the earth, no. I’ve been busy with a fashion startup called Shea Layne Bridal. We are debuting our new collections this season at the Dallas Bridal Market and it is finally time to share what I’ve been up to for the last month!

Take a [...]

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