3 Factors That Set Home Builders Apart

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When it’s finally time to start building your new home, finding the right company to build it can be difficult. There are so many construction companies out there – each vying for your precious business – and it can be a little overwhelming finding yourself the perfect home builders. Melbourne is particularly well serviced in this regard, and if you live in this city you need to keep some things in mind when choosing the right company for the job. To help you make the best decision, here are 3 factors to consider when choosing which home building company to hire.

1. Efficiency.

Home builders can differ in experience, ability, and overall efficiency. And a home builder’s efficiency is one of those factors that can often be a “make or break” component when differentiating between construction companies. What does efficiency mean? There are a host of factors that come under this umbrella term, but put simply, efficiency is about being able to get the job done as close to what the client wants without breaching industry standards. Some home builders – e.g. Sherbrooke Constructions – make it a key part of their appeal to focus on delivering construction projects on time and within budget – whilst still operating to industry standards. But unfortunately, some construction companies commonly break these standards to get things done quicker. And obviously it’s best to avoid them. How can a prospective client find out about a company’s efficiency? The best way is to have an in-person meeting with the company. Are they professional and above board with their initial assessment? And are they willing to establish a firm deadline for the project? If the answer is “yes” to both of these questions, then you may have picked a winner.

2. Timeliness.

This is a factor that has bothered many clients over the years. This touches on the concept of efficiency, yet deserves a section of its own. Timeliness is not only about getting the project done by the established deadline, but it’s also about making sure all minor details are focused upon during the construction process. Most high-quality construction companies are willing to set micro-dates to meet their short-term goals. And it’s the successful completion of these micro goals that will have a significant impact on the time it takes to finish the construction of your home. A prospective client can easily judge the time management skills of a company in their initial meetings with them. A professional, proven construction company will always look to begin listing dates and creating methodical plans. Setting dates and creating plans is the right way to approach any construction project, and clients should be wary of those companies who do not offer any.

3. Warranty.

Another important factor that sets construction companies apart is how much of a warranty they offer to prospective clients. Of course, one of the best advantages of building a home from scratch is that everything will be new: new water systems, new tiling, new windows and doors, and the list goes on. And most of these individual components will most likely come with some kind of warranty – at least for the first few years. However, what happens say 10 years down the track. What happens if your roof starts to fail and is in urgent need of repair, or other common structural defects present themselves? What kind of warranty does a prospective construction offer here? Ideally, you’ll want to hire a company that offers at least an insurance backed 10-year structural warranty. Anything less than this is a red herring.

When choosing which home builder to use to build your very own home, be mindful of the above. A construction company that focuses on efficiency and timeliness, and offers a lasting warranty, will hopefully make your dream home a reality with a minimum of frustration.

Sarah Grey is a copywriter working with Sherbrooke Design & Construction where you are in safe, reliable and professional hands. Proud on being leaders in design and offering clients superb quality at all levels of construction. Sherbrooke Design & Construction is renowned in the industry for a fastidious attention to detail and as a result have been recognized with numerous industry awards. When Sarah’s not writing content she enjoys swimming, shopping and taking her dogs for a walk.

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  • Well written! Might I suggest a follow up post on how to interview a builder & what questions to ask? I’m a big fan of the STAR method for interviews instead of what-if questions. Love your blog, keep it up! -Matt

    • Hi Matt, that is an excellent suggestion. Let’s chat a bit more via email and maybe I can get a few quotes or anecdotes from you to include.

  • dosouth

    As we are just in the final two builders bidding for our residential build I again agree. We interviewed 7 builders originally, then down to 4 then 2 at the site. Two completely different styles. One fixed cost and one cost plus. We are more involved than most as we handled the site prep with a excavation company and engineer (no we are not professionals only cost conscious). Hired our design/architect and designed our own build from others we have done and now having received the final drawings are waiting for the Sq ft. bids. In Canada we are required to have Home Warranty so that is not an issue but “how you gel” is a big consideration for us. Also a bit of gut feeling as well.

    We had builders try to peddle upgrades before the end of the first meeting even though we had supplied them with a “wish list” of sorts to give them an idea prior to the meeting of where we were coming from. Glad we found your site albeit after the fact, some good information here.

    Must say though that a lot of our experience in interviews it appears that most builders are used to the “let us pick the colour and tiles we seen on Home and Garden or Houzz” and then give us the keys type of customers. Not a great way to approach the biggest purchase in your life. Keep up the good work

    • Personality is a huge component to selecting who to work with, so thanks for the reminder. You’ll end up talking and working with your contractor team on a daily basis during construction, so communication is a huge part of making the right choice. Best of luck as you pursue your options!