Advantages of Ranch-Style Homes

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English: 2,772 square foot Ranch House model in Shafter, California. 7/21/2007 Note side turned garage and multiple porches. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When most people think of ranch-style, single-level homes, a few things come to mind: the MidWest, and retirement communities. While both of these ideas are valid, and in fact true, there are other advantages to stair-free homes beyond avoiding tornadoes and the constant danger of hip replacements from falling.

Open Floorplans

Yes, you can have open floor plans on colonial style homes as well, but there’s always going to be a divide thanks to the different floors. With a ranch-style home you’ll have everything on a single floor, which allows you to create a more open feeling with only the bedrooms closed off. Great rooms are increasingly popular in ranch-style homes, as they combine the living room, dining room, and family room into a single space, often with an open look into the kitchen, making them great for gatherings of friends and family – nobody is ever sectioned off in another room.

Better Use of Land

While building a multi-story home can mean a smaller foundation, which can in turn mean lower costs, ranch-style homes can make better use of the land they’re built on. Since the entirety of the home is on a single level, that means you can spread the home out more over the plot of land it’s being built on, meaning there’s less wasted space, and allowing for larger homes when desired.

In addition, ranch-style homes can cut costs through the use of square or rectangular foundations, whereas some multi-story homes, particularly the now mostly defunct McMansions, can have oddly shaped foundations with more than four corners, which can in turn impact the cost of building the foundation, and in turn the home.

Efficiency of Space

The problem with the McMansion explosion that happened before the collapse of the housing market in 2008 is that we ended up with way more space than we needed, which in turn lead us to purchase way more things that we needed. While you can certainly build a large ranch-style home, they trend towards the smaller size, which is perfect for those looking to eliminate the things in their lives (looking at you third couch) that aren’t really needed or aren’t used given how much space they take up.

Elderly and Disabled

For the elderly and those with long-term disabilities that impact their mobility, ranch-style living can be the difference between independence and regular care. Not having to worry about going up and down stairs to access the various rooms in your home means you don’t have to worry about the use of walkers, wheelchairs, or other mobility assisting devices that are often impacted by the inclusion of stairs.

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