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My husband and I celebrated our third anniversary with a trip to Seaside, Florida. While our hope was to encounter beautiful beaches and vibrant blue water, our expectations had to be set aside when we saw the forecast called for daily thunderstorms. While we missed the brunt of hurricane Isaac, we heard locals remark that the storms were dumping more rain in a period of days than they usually receive in a year. Thankfully, we were able to get a few hours of sunshine almost every day and took full advantage of getting out to see the town, stroll the beach and soak up some much-needed vitamin D. I was especially excited to finally see one of the houses I helped on during my internship at Curtis & Windham Architects as a graduate student. I drew the rendering below as my very first task at my first architecture job, and it was a great feeling to see it in person. (For the record, the drawing was roughly 24×36 in pen on vellum – it took almost 3 weeks to draw by hand since I couldn’t afford to make any mistakes!)

Seaside House - Design by Curtis & Windham Architects

Seaside House - Design by Curtis & Windham Architects

There is plenty of information about Seaside, which was the first town designed with the principles of New Urbanism. I have a few thoughts on the success of the town, but as I’m still in ‘vacation-mode’, I’ll simply leave you with some of the better images we captured (well, mostly my husband – he’s the photographer, I’m the photo-shopper). Pardon the ‘chop-shopping’, we had to work with some bleak and overcast skies and Galveston-esque waves.

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