Mental Math – Adding up to Architect

What does it take to be called an architect? In most cases, it involves ~6years of school, 3-5 years of professional experience and passing 7 exams. There are a few different ways of earning the legal title of architect, but in general, it involves a lot of numbers. Keeping track of how many hours you’ve spent writing materials specifications, drafting construction documents or sketching on tracing paper can be overwhelming. Remembering whether it’s been 3 months or 6 months since you last reported your IDP hours may cause you to wake up with cold sweats in the middle of the night. Dividing IDP hours between “pre-design” and “design” credits gets confusing, and adding up the weeks you’ve spent studying for the ARE could make anyone break down in tears.

Architect blueprint

However, I have good news for you. According to math (which cannot lie), you may be closer to obtaining the title “architect” than you think. Simply input your data into this handy ‘almost-architect’ formula and see what percentage of architect you are. (Formula created by Andrew Diehl)

% Architect = (years of school completed/years of school required + IDP hours completed/5600 + ARE exams passed/7) / 3

Using myself as an example, I am 69% Architect.

(6/5.5 + 4854/5600 + 1/7)

You may be wondering why I completed 6 years of schooling in only 5.5 ‘required’ years. Well, I finished a semester early, so I’m giving myself a little boost. Also, if I round up (.696), I’d be at 70%.

But hey, who’s counting?

Cheers to my fellow IDP, ARE and other almost architect friends. Together, we put the ‘mental’ in mental math.

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