Death of Deconstructivism


Agroup of deconstructivism architects attempting to rid themselves of the modern ‘rules’ of form & function died today in a building collapse.A contractor overheard the group discussing some French philosopher’s theory before one of them exclaimed they should “create a building that evoked the sensation of ‘floating’”.Apparently, the architects created their ‘floating’ structure by removing the supporting columns.However grand their aspirations, the laws of gravity were still in effect and as such, acted upon their bodies and wiped them off the face of the earth (or rather, onto the face of the earth, if we want to be technical).Bystanders at the scene asked how such an event could happen.A representative from the starchitect’s office said, “they probably didn’t realize it was a load bearing support – after all, it’s the interns and contractors who end up drawing and building the place anyway.Unfortunately it was probably the first – and last – time they saw the building.” Another worker said, “they must have thought the glass curtain wall could support the concrete ceiling…I’m not sure where they got that idea!” And so explains the death of the starchitect, thedeconstructivism movement and the hope of the intern to ever get that promotion they were promised.

*This was written in response to today’s Let’s Blog Off prompt


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  • marcusttaylor

    Thats a sad tale Brinn. It would have been a wonderful theoretical design! Should have listened to my golden rule # 10

    • Good call – rule #10 would have saved them 😉