22. Eames Chairs

It is no secret that architects love mid century modern designs; especially furniture.  The Eames chairs are no exception.

Eames lounge chair

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Charles and Ray Eames were able to make the simplest of materials look great.  Plastic and plywood shared sentences with leather and luxury.  Plywood done well, without the use of gold leaf, is a rare feat (though some could argue that leather is a gold leaf substitute).

Perhaps the biggest sign that the Eames chairs are still just as popular as when they were first introduced is that architects insert images of them into practically every rendering they create.  A project board at any architecture firm will proudly display an Eames bench in the public areas, a plastic Eames rocker in the kids’ spaces, the Eames lounge chair in the office spaces and for good measure, a few other plywood Eames chairs scattered around.

Not wanting to follow the crowd, I tend to hide my Eames chairs within the rendering, so it is more of a Where’s Waldo exercise.  I feel that by hiding the chairs in the images, it really makes the viewer appreciate my renderings a bit more.  None of this “Oh, look at that lovely Eames chair”, but more of “oh hey, a rendering…wait…what’s that in the corner of the beautifully designed living room….OH! It must be an Eames lounge chair! My, I almost missed it.  I better pay attention to the rest of the presentation!”

Now to keep you on your toes, which of the images from my house design contains the Eames lounge chair?  Can you find it?  Prize for the first person to spot it! (And by prize, I mean a nice hearty ‘congratulations’ and that’s it).  I admit, I probably should have tried harder and stuck it in a fireplace.  I’m sorry, I was lazy this time around. I didn’t even design the house with a fireplace.

You have a few more chances to play “Find the Eames chair”:

Find the Eames chair!

Image from http://www.premieredesigners.com

If you think the multi-colored mess in the last image is the Eames chair, you are mistaken.  Unfortunately, I think the real Eames chair is hiding underneath somewhere.  Crying.

Other fun games include ‘Classify the Corbusier’ where you must identify real and knockoff Corbusier sofas and ‘The Mies-Match’, where one must determine why the Mies Chair does not belong in the given photograph setting. It’s becoming a new craze, much like architect speak bingo!

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