15. Rolls of Drawings (used as accessories)

Though exclusive eye wear and satchels are obvious accessory choices for architects, we focus now on a little recognized (and much more relevant) accessory: the large roll of drawings.

What says, “I’m a designer on my way to an important meeting” better than a roll of drawings?  The roll is much like the satchel in that it is usually well worn, with crumpled and torn edges.  It has so much red ink covering it that it looks like someone had an accident with an x-acto knife; a welcome color splash in the otherwise black and white wardrobe of an architect.

Image from http://www.djc.com/blogs/SeattleScape

Rolls of drawings differ from other accessories in that they are probably one of the few useful items an architect carries, if not the only.  However, don’t get your hopes up.  Most architects who are spotted with a roll of drawings under their arms are not on their way to an important meeting.  More likely, they are on their way to their tiny apartment where they’ll stay up until 4 a.m. scribbling more red ink over the already soaked pages.  Also equally as likely, the drawings are a week old and the architect just carries them around to feel important or to complain about how heavy the drawings are and how late they stayed up working on them.

The next time your fellow architect shows up for work late and plops a large roll of drawings down saying, “whew, long night of red lines!”, casually ask the date on the drawings.  If you are met with a cold glare, you have victory and may leave work early.  If they unfurl the drawings and start asking your opinion, compliment them on their stately red ink and then make your exit.


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