9. Claiming to be a Jack of all Trades

Architects are predisposed to being critical of all things.  Because of this, they tend to think that, given the opportunity, they could do anything better.  The logic then leads them to think that they are a jack of all trades.

While this is not outside the realm of possibilities, it is highly unlikely that there is a Leonardo DaVinci inside each one of us just waiting to be unleashed.  If, on average, we all believe ourselves to above average, then the math is just all wrong.  Likewise, just because we learned about the Renaissance man during our studies does not make us one.

Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man.

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What is more likely:  that an architect is trained in design for 5 years and then is a fashion expert and furniture craftsman, or that an architect is trained in design for 5 years and is slightly more likely to understand the reasoning behind other’s design decisions?

Let’s just say that before you hang out your shingle to supply the world with sofas that are better than IKEA’s, make sure that they actually are.

Oh, and don’t ask for your architect friend’s opinion; you’ll be monologuing about the virtues of design and end precisely where you started: Both of you thinking you out critiqued the other and still believing you are a jack of all trades.

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