7. Exclusive Eye Wear

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By exclusive, we mean ‘only for architects’.  By eye wear we mean ‘architect glasses’.

The rules for choosing architect glasses (assuming you are already an architect and permitted to wear such glasses):

– Black frames (silver is permitted if you are male and over age 45 and have achieved at least the position of associate principal within your firm.  Silver is also allowed for sole practitioners over the age of 35.).

– Sleek, but not overly thin; not to the point of looking too intellectual.  They still have to look trendy to evoke the sense of cutting edge, but must maintain an air of sophistication; at least to the point where the client understands that the client will always be inferior to the architect.  Glasses are the easiest way to accomplish this.

– The sides of the glasses tend to be rather blocky (though thin sides may accompany any silver colored glasses; refer to first rule).

– Women are not allowed to wear glasses more than 45% of the time.  Glasses tend to make them look too wise and too powerful, which threatens the profession’s appearance as a boy’s club.  To encourage this age-old ideal, women must wear slightly smaller and less ‘architect-y’ looking frames.  Black is permitted, but never silver.  Also, when women are wearing glasses they must wear makeup; when glasses are removed, no makeup is allowed – this makes them too approachable.

– Impaired vision is not a prerequisite for obtaining eye wear.

– Eye wear is required for all architects who have ‘designer’ in their recognized title.  Draftsmen or those who spend more than 50% of their time using a computer or in the field are not permitted to wear ‘architect’ glasses at all times; they now fall under the rule of women’s eye wear.

– Architects are permitted to ask for credentials from anyone they suspect may be obtaining exclusive eye wear without proper authority to do so.

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