5. Pirated Software

Architects are often known to be fashion forward and up with the latest trends.  Most likely they own brand name clothes and an assortment of Apple Products.  However, when it comes to the software they use, Architects couldn’t be cheaper about how they obtain needed programs.

Architecture students and practicing Architects alike can be heard saying something along the lines of, “Dude! I just scored the entire Adobe Suite.  THE ENTIRE SUITE!”  It doesn’t matter that the only programs an architect actually use out of the 22 included are photoshop and illustrator.  Architects are happy to fill over 20 gigs of their hard drive space with programs they’ll never use.  It’s always better to be over-prepared, right?

If your Architect friend comes to you with such exciting news, be sure to tell them, “Congratulations!  You are the proud new owner of virus infected software! 20 gigs worth!”  Unless they have a Macbook.  Macbooks don’t get viruses – it’s a well known fact.

Take that, Microsoft!


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