4. Apple Products

The things that architects like are often linked together in such a way that architects are naturally drawn to not just one item or trend, but a series of them because they are inter-related.  Take for example, the previous post. An architect can’t have a useless app without an accompanying smartphone.

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Enter Apple Products.  Apple Products are always capitalized, much like the word Architect, because it indicates that it is superior to other products (or professions).  Architects will clamor over every new Apple Product; especially Macbooks.  It has been known since the birth of technology that Macbooks are the quintessential tool for Architects in the modern age.  Much like the plumb or level was once the go-to for Architects back in the day (now we just have the contractor make sure everything is straight), Apple Products are now the must-have items for everyone in the profession.

It doesn’t matter that you can’t run essential programs like AutoCAD (though Apple is finally debuting one for their OS – after how many years?).  There is always the windows emulator to run programs.  Besides, it’s not like real Architects actually sit at a computer and work in such programs.  Real Architects are out and about meeting with important clients and theorizing about the latest design notion.  No – Architects buy Macbooks and other Apple Products purely for the sake of being cutting edge and having the very best in ‘design’.  Graphics are inherently better on all Apple Products.  Never mind that the most utilized ‘graphic’ will be the Bubble app and a program run via the emulator that displays a series of multi-colored lines.  The lines look better on a Macbook.  Everyone knows that.

So we’ll gladly listen to our cutting edge Indie Music while we look at pretty colored lines on our Macbook and hope to the heavens we never actually need to use the Bubble in the field.

Take that, Microsoft!

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