10. Creative + Punctuation

Because architects think they are a jack of all trades, they often take to engaging in the practice of graphic design. Although architecture and graphic design have much in common, it is quite obvious that architects are quite possibly the worst graphic designers on the planet.

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Just look at the way architects decorate their project boards and description paragraphs with little more than an ill-placed semi colon or plus sign.  Apparently, punctuation is an acceptable form of ‘design’, when used in repetition.  For example, if one were to write the title of a project (let’s call it “Modern Skyscraper”) and surround it on either side with a colon, it would appear odd and lack any sense at all.  Observe:


However, once this same title is surrounded by multiple colons, it suddenly becomes a design element much in the same way that bold words are inherently more creative and eye catching than plain undesigned words.  Observe:


Architects truly believe that the insertion of a few punctuation marks next to bold title words will serve as sufficient – nay, exceptional! – graphic design to grace their projects.  They believe in this so strongly that they are inclined to name their firm with such symbols, as seen in these real firms:



N-DEO::Art + Design Studio

The list goes on and on.  One must only visit their local AIA website and search the list of firms for a moment to find an overwhelming amount of these punctuation firms.

I don’t mind a few extra punctuation marks now and then (I’m even guilty of adding a few to my own projects at times), but when architects start to think that adding a [] or two is going to qualify them to design their own logo, business card, and marketing materials, we should be concerned.

:::ARCHitects + pun[ctuation] = graphicDesign(?):::

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