2. Indie Music

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Architects have to be up to date with all the latest and greatest products, building materials and construction methods in order to gain the trust of clients.  What architects are not required to do is be up to date with music; yet architects will tell you that they are listening to the latest music out there that no one has even heard yet.

Not only does keeping up with the music scene make an architect feel hip, but it allows them to feel more creative.  After all, all good designers keep up with other creative fields and are influenced by the genius of other artists.  Clients will inevitably ask their architect, “so, hear any good albums lately?”, at which point the cutting edge architect will be able to answer with a list of indie bands that are breaking into the music scene.  This answer will obviously impress the client, since any good client (i.e. paying client), knows that the cutting edge is where it’s at, regardless of profession.  An affinity for indie music is definitely indicative of up to date design knowledge.

Honestly, we don’t care if the band sucks.  We’re cutting edge.


(Example song is merely an example of Indie music.  If you like the band, you are probably an architect.  If you don’t like the band, you are probably not an architect.)

If you’re an architect, or an architecture student, you should consider adding to your collection for those long nights in the studio or office.  Your cube-mates and studio friends will thank you for being so cutting edge and enhancing their cool factor.

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